Wonderful Winter Day!

Today was one of those wonderful winter days! DH took our boys, the two neighbor boys and myself sledding. It was a blast! (Okay, I only went down once and it was on a SMALL hill and even then I said some things on the way down that Mom would have washed my mouth out with soap for – oops!) All of the boys had a blast sledding down the big hill with the exception of the little one (2-1/2 years old). The little one prefers to stay with me at the top and provide moral support such as “Awesome, Daddy!” “You okay?” and “Good job!” It is too cute! But, our older son (4-1/2 years old) LOVES going down the long STEEP slopes!! He doesn’t even mind when he gets a little snow in his face if he wipes out. It is such a treat to watch him and see how much fun he is having! Daddy even enjoyed the slopes. He had made sure to get a sled that would hold his adult body. He had just as much fun as the younger boys.

I even remembered to take my camera to capture it all – until it was time to walk out the door! UGH! I was the last one ready as I got everyone else ready so in the rush, I forgot to grab the camera. But, we have some terrific memories! Then, we all came back to the house for hot cocoa and some Guitar Hero. What could be better than that? We had a great day!

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