Does Guitar Hero Count as Music Education?

Well, our boys just LOVE playing along when we play Guitar Hero! (I haven’t the heart yet to let them use the actual game instruments; they use their regular preschool instruments and microphones to play and sing along as well as a guitar that doesn’t work anymore.) DH went out of town on business this morning for most, if not all, of this week. So, the boys and I had a singfest with Guitar Hero tonight. They picked the songs and “played” along with the guitar or sang at the TOP of their lungs. It was GREAT!! I wish that we could have stayed up all night playing together, but well, I’m not crazy. :-) Well, it got me to thinking as I watch them bopping, dancing and singing along to the music that they are learning alot by playing this game: rhythm, tempo, beats, tones, math (they always say that music is based off math), etc. So, can’t I just play Guitar Hero with them for the music, language (they are learning new words and phrases and applying them in and out of context), and math portions of our homeschooling???? Hmmm…. Maybe…. 😉

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    Hmmm, what sort of new words???
    Too funny – sounds like you all had lots of fun tonight. Hope the blizzard isn’t too crazy if it comes through. Look in the new Wondertime mag – lots of fun snow ideas (one even from Texas?)

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