Let Them Play

If we all wish for the days of our childhood when we were free of adult responsibilities, why are we pushing our children to grow up so fast by taking away their free time and instituting formal education at a younger and younger age? Why is it that we wish to be carefree and playful like children yet we are always telling our children to be quiet, “act your age” (which is another way of saying “you aren’t behaving like a miniature adult), and quit goofing off? Is it because we are jealous at their ability to truly enjoy life to the fullest while we are weighted down by the responsibilities of adulthood?

I am going to try harder to let my children be children. It is hard to just let them be kids sometimes, but that is what their job is – to be kids! They make messes. They investigate things. They are exuberant. They are God’s blessings to us. Lets delight in them enjoying the world!

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