A Fresh Start

A fresh start, a new beginning
Past mistakes erased, poor choices forgiven
A chance to thrive under new circumstances
The opportunity to become who you were meant to be

When blessed with a fresh start, make the most of it! Every moment is a fresh start to some degree. Make the conscience decision to make better decisions every moment from here on out. All decisions won’t be the best, we are human.

Here are some of the things that I am going to concentrate on (and it will take ALOT of work on my part and ALOT of help from God to even begin to make improvements in these areas!) as I step forward from this point:

  • Providing more “child training” for my little ones
  • Being more soft-spoken to my family
  • Taking more care in my household tasks as they are a reflection of my love of my family
  • Making better choices with how I spend my time (i.e., less time on the internet)
  • Giving others the benefit of the doubt
  • Reach out in friendship to others more

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