10 Free Fun Family Activities

We all want to have fun, but we shouldn’t have to spend tons of money to enjoy ourselves.  Here are ten ways to have fun as a family that are free:

  1. Play a game in the backyard such as catch, tag football, soccer, Frisbee, croquet.  Getting out and running around together really helps to bond families.  The exercise is great for everyone!  The laughs and giggles are even better!
  2. Go on an discovery hunt. Decide what you want to look for – triangles, green items, things that look out of place in their surroundings, frogs, different types of flowers, etc.   Then, take a leisurely walk in your neighborhood to see what treasures you can find.  It is amazing all of the beautiful items that surround us that we never take the time to notice.  Sharing such discoveries with your family is great way to support an appreciate of the world around us.
  3. Swing at the local park. You are never too old to swing – I know I still enjoy swinging on a strong swing set!
  4. Create your own Movie Night at home. Put in your favorite family movie or borrow one that you haven’t seen from your library or a good friend.  Then, pop some popcorn and turn down the lights.  Not only is this frugal, you can stop the movie for potty breaks and can control the calorie content of the popcorn and snacks!  Something you can’t do at the theater!
  5. Camp out in your living room. Pretend that you are camping out while still enjoying the conveniences of home by setting up camp in the living room.  Pull out the sleeping bags.  Turn off the lights and pull out the flashlights.  Take turns telling stories and signing campfire songs.  And, if your children are still small, let them sleep in their “play tent.”
  6. Make a meal together. Does your clan love pizza?  Or maybe your family prefers a more gourmet meals?  Decide on the menu and make the meal together as a family.  It is fun to create something as a family, and if you are able to eat it afterward, even better!!
  7. Host a Game Night. What could be more fun than game night?  Maybe game night with another family!  Invite another family to join in the fun and have fun sharing your favorite board or card games.
  8. Participate in a library program together. Check with your local library to see if they offer any activities that you can participate in as a family.  Our library hosts all kinds of wonderful programs such trained dogs who perform and Family Story Time.
  9. Build something together. There are so many mediums that you can use to build things together: wood, metal, clay, material (as in sewing), food, paper, play dough, blocks, cardboard, just to name a few!   Here are some ideas to start you thinking: a keepsake box for your child’s treasures, a washer game, a bird house, a gingerbread house (you don’t have to wait for Christmas!), a sculpture, a scrapbook, an apron & chef hat, an outfit for the Barbie or baby doll, a cape for your little super hero (yes, boys can sew too!), a planting box, a ramp to drive their trucks down, a skate ramp (for older kids!), and sock puppets.
  10. Listen to a story together. You can either take turns reading aloud or listen to audiobooks.  Most libraries carry a good selection of audiobooks or you can download free audiobooks.  You can even take turns making up your own stories to share with each other.

No matter what you choose to do as a family remember that being together and enjoying each other’s company is what is important, not the activity that you are participating it.  Even grocery shopping can be fun if done together as a game!  Now, go and enjoy your family!!


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4 Responses to “10 Free Fun Family Activities”

  1. 1

    All great ideas.

  2. 2

    Great ideas!

    We just participated in a Game Night and stayed up way too late! Loads, and loads of fun–with NO money spent.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas and linking up to Finding Freedom Friday.

  3. 3

    Those are all fantastic ideas, but my favorite has to be the discovery hunt. My kids are all about “I Spy” so I know they would love this, too!

  4. 4

    Great ideas! We love doing movie night and need to do game nights again. We also like to do geocaching (treasure hunt using GPS) when it gets warmer. 😀

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