Keeping Clean

Have you ever been out and noticed that you had deodorant on your top from when you pulled it over your head to put it on? Or what about when your lunch gets away from you and lands in your lap? When I worked in the corporate world, my appearance was very important.  I certainly couldn’t walk around the office with remnants of breakfast stuck to my clothing or deodorant on my top.  And, since most of my career cloths were “dry clean only,” washing the spot in the washroom was out of the question.  But, I had secret stashed in my desk – and in my car – to handle such situations.  What was it???  Baby wipes!  They are great!  They work wonders on most “dry clean only” clothing and aren’t so wet as to drench your clothing so the spot dries off rather quickly.  The only problem that I have run across is that if the article of clothing is dark (like black which I wore alot), you have to be careful on how hard you rub as some of the white fibers can transfer from the baby wipes to your clothing leaving you with a fuzzy whitish spot.

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    Great tip. I love baby wipes. They are so versatile. When I was training my children on chores I would have them clean the bathroom with baby wipes since I didn’t want them spraying chemials.

    I finally got smart and put on my deodorant after I got dressed!

    BTW, when I was pg and couldn’t see my feet I used to wear two different pairs of shoes to work. One would be blue and one would be black. They looked the same in the dark and i couldn’t see my feet.

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    Oooh, I’ll have to try that. 😀 I hate having the stains. Ugh!

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    You know, I’ve heard this before but I’ve never really tried it. I’ll have to remember that.
    Thanks for stopping by!

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    Baby wipes are amazing! They can be used for so many things. =)
    A British blogger swears by them for removing her makeup…
    I’ll have to try it on clothes.

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    Relishing Life

    I use to use baby wipes to remove my make-up and they do a great job. But, I found that I still needed to wash my face to get it completely clean. But, I do use them to help get my makeup off – especially my eye makeup!

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