Clearing the Clutter

Making your home sing Mondays

I love my home, but you wouldn’t be able to tell it from looking at the piles of paper clutter than have accrued.  (I have a hard time letting go of papers as they represent information and knowledge to me.  I am working on internalizing the fact that most information is readily available on the internet thus I don’t have to keep physical copies of articles and such.)  So, today, I am going to show my family and my home just how much I love them by clearing all of the piles of paper clutter.  I am going to be vicious!  Can I live without it?  Yes!  Great – meet the recycle bin!  My home will be singing by dinner as it won’t be littered with papers!

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    Good for you! I think you will see a huge difference w/ all the piles of paper clutter out of the way! You won’t miss a thing!!

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    Oh! What a great idea! I need to do the same and now i will do it today! Thanks!

    Happy Monday!

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    Oh, I totally understand. I save things that I think I might want or need someday and I have a filing system. However, I either neglect to file them until I have a huge pile on my desk, or I file them and then my files get to big and need to be purged.

    You are so right. With the internet I don’t need most of that stuff and really need to get rid of it. Good for you and thanks for the encouragement to the rest of us. Thanks for joining us today!

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    Amen sister! I can’t stand paper clutter. Every time I purge it I feel like my head is clearer (is that a word?) and I’m thinner… really!

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    I just read an article on the way people keep stuff just-in-case and how we never ever need it. If you have papers you think you might want/need, put them in a box and store it away with a date six months from now…if you haven’t touched the box in six months, toss the stuff! Isn’t that an awesome way to look at it? I thought it was great. I hope you made terrific progress today and that your home is cheerfully whistling a tune this evening.

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    Relishing Life

    That is a great way of handling clutter!

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