Texas Trip

We are leaving for Texas Friday afternoon after DH finishes working (luckily he will be working from home so we don’t have to wait for him to commute back from the office).  As we live over 1,600 miles away from our destination, it will be a long drive in the car minivan (YAY!! much more room than in our car that we just traded in for an used minivan) with the two little ones.  I have made the trip with both of them twice by myself, but DH hasn’t made the drive with them.  I don’t think he has any idea of what it is going to be like stuck in the minivan with the kids for that length of time straight (and he isn’t allowed to smoke in the vehicle).  This will be interesting…  I am hoping that we can keep them occupied for most of the trip with toys, books and DVDs that they haven’t seen or at least haven’t seen in a long time (GRRRR…the portable DVD player is working!!  This is going to be a longer trip than I thought…). (Updated 4/8 @ 5:00 PM)

Considering I am in charge of packing for everyone (DH will pack his own cloths and toiletries), I still have tons to do!!  I do have a tip that will make it easier for me when I finally pack all of the items in the our suitcases and such:

As I run across items that I want to take with us, I throw them into a box designated as being “the things we are taking box” so that I don’t have to find them again!  LOL!  But, for me – this is a BIG time saver!

We are excited to be going on a vacation.  We aren’t making plans for the most part as to what we are going to do and when.  We are going to do what seems like fun at the time.  (This is a great concept but hard for me to do as I am a planner; however, I am going to try!)  There are so many great things to do in the Fort Worth area, and we are looking forward to it!!!  ESPECIALLY, getting to spend some quality time with our family (our parents and my sister)!!  It will be so nice to hug them again!

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    Oh I hope you have a ton of fun!

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    I hope you have a wonderful trip, good luck! We drove from Texas to Florida last month so I know how you will feel and I wish you all the luck in the world! On our trip we just did what we thought was fun at the time and I have to tell you it was the most relaxing and fun trip I have ever been on! Where in Fort Worth are you going? I only ask because we live in the DFW area.

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    How fun! 😀 Have a great time and safe trip!!

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    I hope you have a great time, I live in Texas near Houston, where are you guys going? The weather should be beautiful!

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    Relishing Life

    We are going to Fort Worth and the surrounding area. The weather will be a great shock for us as it snowed two days ago here!

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    Sounds like fun!!!

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    What a wonderful time you’re going to have! How fun to see your family again.

    When the kids were little we had a 23 hour trip. I sat in back with the youngest and put the older one in front with dh.

    I borrowed some library books that had cassette tapes with them so that the kids could listen to a book on tape. Also brought coloring books and colors. I bought a “paint” coloring book and all they needed was water to “paint.”

    Mostly the younger one played with his toys, napped, colored, and of course we had snacks.

    We stopped about every hour to let them run around for a few minutes. It actually went really well.

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    I pray you have a safe trip with happy content children and few potty stops! We do 8 hours to grandparents a few times a year and the car DVD player is MY FRIEND!

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