Making My Home Sing on the Road

Even while we are on the road, I am able to make my home sing because “home is where the heart is” and right now our hearts are in Texas.  Our hearts burst out in song as we surround ourselves with the love of family and friends we seldomly see.

The biggest way I am making my home sing while on vacation is by going with the flow.  I am such the type A personality!  I want to have everything planned and follow the plan (not that this always shows!LOL!) so being relaxed about what we do and when we get around to doing it while we are on vacation has helped my family to fully enjoy our trip.  No rushing around to get to the next destination or worrying that we aren’t going to be able to accomplish everything that we had wished to.  (I did plan on not planning which went a long way into helping me maintain this philosophy.)

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2 Responses to “Making My Home Sing on the Road”

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    I love that you’re proving that you can make your home sing whether it’s in your home, a hotel room, or even a car!

    It’s amazing how stressful vacations can be sometimes, so good for you for scaling back and making sure that you just relax and enjoy it, instead of constantly rushing!

    Thanks for joining us today! And have a wonderful time my friend!

  2. 2

    I hear ya. I was just on vacation last week–whew! Good to be home.

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