Swirling Thoughts

Thoughts swirl through my head as if they were being whisked about by a brisk breeze.  The words tumble over themselves and bounce around.  The snippets dance gracefully  to the interesting rhythm that is intriguing yet difficult to follow.  The meanings are incomprehensible but calming as if simply listening to the music of my mind is the purpose of the ramblings. The melody peaceful with light tones lifting me to a place of serenity.  Grace… love… peace…

2 Responses to “Swirling Thoughts”

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    That was lovely! I used to write poetry as a child and teenager but haven’t done it since! Most of my poetry was over frustrations with dating and stuff so once I was happily married I get I didn’t need that outlet anymore, lol~

  2. 2

    We did a bit better taking “formal” pictures when they were little. Now we just set up the camera on the tripod and set the timer, lol!

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