Who Am I?

I have found myself musing about who I am and who I really want to be a great deal during my life.  Lately, I have been on an quest of sorts to find out who I really want to be.  There are so many aspects of my personality that it is hard to be clear about who exactly I am.  The major roles that I fulfill are wife, lover, mother, friend, homemaker, and homeschool educator.   But, these roles are only a portion of who I am.  What about my emotional and intellectual needs and interests?  Who is it that I really am?  But, better yet, who is it that I really want to be?  I have begun asking myself some questions to help me develop into the best person that I can be.

When do I feel the happiest?  When do I feel the most content?  When do I feel the most fulfilled?  When do I feel the best about myself?  How can I change from the person that I am to the best person that I can be?  I can’t address every facet of my life at once – yet it is a journey of growth and self-discovery.  Therefore, I have to determine which portions of my life can be rather easily adjusted to obtain the largest impact on my happiness and which tasks will take more work and are longer term goals.

I can’t become the person that I really want to be without effort on my part.  Sitting here contemplating the changes that I need to implement is only the beginning.  Now, I must continue along my path with diligence and faith.  Faith that I can be whatever or whoever I set my mind to be.

I hope that you are the person you desire to be.  If you aren’t, only you can make the decision to make small changes in your life to help you come closer to that person.  I would love to walk beside you in your journey to be the best you as I hope you will join me on my path to a better me!

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