My Day Has Been Brightened Beyond Measure!

I just gave my 4-1/2 yo a hug.  The cool part?  He kind of laughed and sweetly said, “I love you, too!” as he bopped away with a smile.

Nothing could be better!


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3 Responses to “My Day Has Been Brightened Beyond Measure!”

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    oh that is precious, Katherine! Sometimes I wish my boys were little again. Just for a day so that they would sit on my lap and we’d read a book, or chase butterflies, or just play candyland.

    Still I want to enjoy them now, too, for each moment is precious!

  2. 2

    What is it with sweet words from our boys? My 3yo is such a cuddler and lover. After he’s had a rough moment or been in trouble or thrown a fit… he always comes to me “I need a hug.” Love affection from my boy!

  3. 3

    That is so sweet! 😀

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