Daily Choices

As the day unfolds before us, we have but two choices:

Rejoice in the blessings that we have received or wallow in self-pity.

I choose the former.  Life is too precious to be wasted on the “should-av’s” in life.

WHY is it that we spend so much time worrying about other people???

WHY are we so concerned the choices that others make that have nothing to do with us?

WHY should we be upset about how they are acting, what they are doing with their time, or how they are spending their money?

WHY can’t we just accept others for who they are and support each other as best we can?

If I don’t make the decision to enjoy what God has given me but instead complain about what I am lacking, I am foolish.

If I deplete my energy being a busybody, how has that served me or my family?

As every moment on Earth is a wonderful blessing from God, I am going to try my best to focus on my blessings and be supportive to those around me.

3 Responses to “Daily Choices”

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    Beautiful thoughts! Because all it does is drain us and bring down our emotions when we expend all that energy worrying about others (or even ourselves).

    BTW, thank you for your sweet, thoughtful comments, my friend! I apprciate it!

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    Hey girl! Just a reminder to see if you are going to do the Summer Cleaning Frenzy Challenge? If you are, just do a post tomorrow (Friday) of your list and please leave me a comment. Then I’ll add you to my list of those participating, and on Saturday will post a link to your blog post that shows your cleaning list. Along with everyone elses, of course!

    momstheword’s last blog post..A LITTLE OF THIS, ALOT OF THAT

  3. 3

    That is so true! I try to be encouraging to those that I can with a card, phone call, or just a word of encouragement when going through a rough time.

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