Thanksgiving Wishes

Photo: Mike Licht

“Thanksgiving Wishes”

I wish you all that pen and ink
Could write, and then some more!
I hope you cannot even think
Of half you’re thankful for.

I hope your table holds a wealth
Of prime Thanksgiving fare,
And Love and Peace and Joy and Health
Will all be seated there.

I trust your guests will all be bright,
But none of them too wise,
And each will bring an appetite
For mince or pumpkin pies.

I hope the fowls will all be fat,
The cider sweet to quaff,
And when you snap a Wishbone, that
You’ll win the larger half!

~Arthur Guiterman

One Response to “Thanksgiving Wishes”

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    Oh, I remember breaking the wishbone and hoping that I got the bigger half when we were kids!

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Thank you for your sweet comments. You are such a good friend! Love ya!

    ~ Nan

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