Ways to Show Your Love: Your Children

Loving our children comes naturally to us. But, we don’t always convey it to our little ones in ways that they feel it – at least not at the moment.  (It take years, and yes, even decades for children to equate your discipline with love.  Although, lack of discipline doesn’t make children feel loved either.)  It is so easy to get caught up in getting all of the chores done, everyone chauffeured to their particular event, and feeding everyone that making an effort to ensure our children FEEL our love is not even on our to-do list.  Don’t they realize that we love them by everything that we do for them???  Well, sometimes, but isn’t it always nice to truly know that you are loved because someone important in your life has shown you in some small way?  I know that it makes me feel like I can take on the world and I can accomplish anything when someone I care about does something to show they love me!

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In an attempt to make sure that my little ones feel loved, I am going to try to incorporate more of the following:

  • Take the time to stop what I am doing and truly listen to them.  Giving someone your undivided attention lets them know that you care about that person and what they are saying.
  • Read aloud to them every day – several times a day, if possible!  No matter how old my children become, I am going to continue to read to them nightly.  You can never be too old to be read to!
  • Schedule time to spend with each child individually.  Not only do children need to know that we love them, but also that they are special enough to take time to get to know them better by spending time with them one-on-one.
  • Touch them – hug them, kiss them, tussle their hair, tickle them – use loving touch to remind them of your love.
  • Surprise them with a sweet note in their lunchbox or a specially cut sandwich.
  • When they participate in an event –  whether that is a sport, a dance, a concert, an art show, or just a impromptu puppet show – truly watch and pay attention to them.  They are showing their love in their actions, we must do the same!

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3 Responses to “Ways to Show Your Love: Your Children”

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    Great post, Katherine! I especially love the last one. How many times have we seen parents at their child’s event texting away or talking on the phone? Such a great reminder.

    I love that you are focused on truly listening to them. Once they know that, you will have their ear if you have theirs.

    Thanks for joining Making Your Home Sing Monday!
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    What a great post and inspiration to not only love our children, but practical ways to show that love to them. I loved reading this! Thanks for sharing.

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    I love this post. Sometimes we get so busy and caught up in what has to get done that our little ones can get lost in the shuffle. Thanks for sharing this.
    DarcyLee´s last blog post ..Bye- Bye Birdie

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