Seasons of Emotions

As the trees bud and the flowers bloom, I am reminded just how special each season is.  Every season provides us with different challenges while also presenting us with different gifts.

With spring’s storms, rain comes to wash away the gloom of winter and brighten our lives with the lush beauty of the natural world.  With the warming temperatures, our friendships also tend to deepen as we spend time enjoying one another outdoors with barbeques and get-togethers.

Spring gives way to summer’s long hot days which encourage us to slow down and splash in the cool water.

While autumn brings a blistering winds, it ushers in a refreshing crispness and a bouquet of reds and golds raining in the trees.

Winter chases us inside with its frigid temperatures but the quiet landscape is gorgeous decorated with white snow.  Winter also seems to bring families together as they gather to warm their hearts and souls in front of the hearth.


Colours in the mistPhoto: Johnathan_W


Not only does Mother Nature bless us with unique gifts with the changing of the seasons, I find that I am lavished with fluctuations through out the day. As of late, my emotions seem to be running the gambit – lets just thank Mother Nature again for this as I have been “blessed” with early (at 36!) perimenopause.

Even though my days don’t run as smoothly as I wish, I am blessed to have both the highs and the lows. The highs are appreciated so much more when it was only moments ago the lows were visiting as I tend to upset much more easily than normal.

During this season of my life, I was not expecting to be dealing with this emotional roller coaster but planned on simply enjoying my wonderful family.  However, my emotional travels provide for a very full life.

My quick temper brings with it the opportunity to practice patience.

The sadness reminds me to take time to focus on all of my blessings – especially our two sons and my wonderful husband.

While the frustration teaches me that I can’t always have my way.

As I walk through the seasons of my day, I am growing (hopefully!) while relishing the life God has so graciously blessed me with!

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    Love the changes of seasons and the different things that happen with them! I praise God that He is there for us through them all to change us to be more like Him.
    Sherry´s last blog post ..Being Thankful

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