Gratituesday: My Husband

Sherry at Lamp Unto My Feet asked, “What are you thankful to your husband for?” today which really got me thinking about the wonderful things about my husband that I am grateful for.  Considering we weren’t seeing eye-to-eye earlier this evening, I really needed to go over this list to help myself refocus on DH’s […]


What is your definition of happiness? When you have more than enough money to fulfill your needs? When your soul mate smiles at you? When your child tells you that he loves you? When an friend calls to just to say “hi?” When your pet cuddles with you? When you are traveling? When you curled […]

Date Night at Home

The Happy Housewife asked for ideas for date night at home. Seeing as we are living very frugally (although occasionally treat ourselves to a date that includes paying for a sitter (we don’t have any family nearby)), we have been embracing date nights at home for a while now. But, having date nights – at […]

Together Again!

Ah! The joy of someone you love returning home from a trip is wonderful! The boys and I picked DH up from the airport this morning after having gone on a trip to visit his dad. The boys and I had fared well in his absence, but we are overjoyed to have him at home […]