Slowing Down the Pace

It is amazing just how quickly time passes!  We are always rushing from one thing to another – school, sports, church, chores, homework, time with friends, family obligations, scouting activities, various classes, and the list just goes on.  Chrytos said, “To survive we must begin to know sacredness.  The pace at which most of us […]


Have you ever wondered what perfection looks like?  Look around you at all of your loved ones and you will know.  Perspective is everything!  ~Katherine

Ways to Show Your Love: Your Children

Loving our children comes naturally to us. But, we don’t always convey it to our little ones in ways that they feel it – at least not at the moment.  (It take years, and yes, even decades for children to equate your discipline with love.  Although, lack of discipline doesn’t make children feel loved either.)  […]

Simple Pleasures of Winter

There are so many things that compete for our attention – work, finances, chores – that inevitably we lose sight of all the precious moments and wondrous beauty that fill our lives on a daily basis.  So, as I snuggle in to dream about plum fairies, I recall with great joy some of my favorite […]

Blessings of 2009

There are so many things that I have to be thankful for!!!  As I look forward to the new year, I am overwhelmed with the abundance that we have. Photo: annstheclaf Our family is in good health with our little boys growing stronger and faster than I could ever imagine. Our marriage has grown very […]

Who’s In Charge?

Who is the Mommy??? Sometimes I think that the boys forget that I am the mommy. I know that the power struggles are inevitable, but they grow so tiring!  I try my best to remain strong and be in charge.  They try so hard to wear me down.  Unfortunately, sometimes, they succeed.  As hard as […]

Growing Through Sports

It is such a blessing to watch your child become engrossed in something that they love!  To watch him blossom while playing with other children and stretching himself to be the best that he can be is such a wonder. Photo: Adriano Zanni Our oldest son played in his first soccer game today.  It is […]

My Day Has Been Brightened Beyond Measure!

I just gave my 4-1/2 yo a hug.  The cool part?  He kind of laughed and sweetly said, “I love you, too!” as he bopped away with a smile. Nothing could be better! ~~~ Celebrate the finer things in your life at Finer Things Friday.