Simple Pleasures of Winter

There are so many things that compete for our attention – work, finances, chores – that inevitably we lose sight of all the precious moments and wondrous beauty that fill our lives on a daily basis.  So, as I snuggle in to dream about plum fairies, I recall with great joy some of my favorite […]

Finding Peace

Today started off on a very bad note.  To begin with, my alarm clock woke me up.  I know, I know – so many of you use an alarm to get up every day, but I am spoiled in that my normal alarm comes in the form of one or two sweet little boys trying […]

10 Free Fun Family Activities

We all want to have fun, but we shouldn’t have to spend tons of money to enjoy ourselves.  Here are ten ways to have fun as a family that are free: Play a game in the backyard such as catch, tag football, soccer, Frisbee, croquet.  Getting out and running around together really helps to bond […]

Reduce Your Grocery Budget

Would you like to be able to reduce your grocery budget?  How about avoid the grocery store?  Well, there is a wonderful non-profit organization called Angel Food Ministries who can help you do just this! Here is a Angel Food Ministries description of their program: What is Angel Food Ministries? Angel Food Ministries is a […]